Bookmarked: Sunset Ideas for Storage- 1975

Bookmarked: Sunset Ideas for Storage- 1975

Oct 26, 2007

A big thing here at AT:LA is looking for creative storage ideas. Leave it to those creative editors at Sunset Magazine circa 1975 to put together a fantastic compilation of ideas. We picked up this paperback book, Sunset Ideas for Storage, at a thrift store recently, and have been tabbing pages left and right.

Bookmarked, is an opportunity for ATLA and our readers to revisit some of the triumphs, follies and ideas from decor publications and books from the past. If you've got a great decor photo/image or design idea from an out-of-print source, please send it to la(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com, including the title and publication information.

If you can look past the dated stylings, there really are a ton of inspirational suggestions for all kinds of storage solutions and for all kinds of homes. For example, folding card tables are generally an eyesore, but they're so functional for entertaining when you need additional table space. But what to do if you don't have a garage or a large closet to tuck it away afterwards? Turn it into a large piece of artwork and place it on the wall! The book doesn't give step-by-step instructions, merely the suggestion, but we could see stretching a framed canvas around the top, like as a slip cover.

This idea I'm very inclined to attempt, is this simple corner wall shelf concept that just uses an "L" shape configuration as a cover.

And this idea of utilizing a frame for small display storage isn't exactly "new"- but it's a great DIY idea and looks just like it could have come out of Brocade Home.

Keep an eye out for this book next time you pass a garage sale or thrift store. We picked our up for 50ยข. The issue we have was published in April 1975, and the ISBN number is 376-01553-5
Of course, if you must have it now, Dig has it for $44.50...

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