Book Storage Solutions

Domino on Automatism

Since many of us collect books and magazines, we are always running into storage problems. Some have the luxury of an actual library at home, but most of us look for simpler solutions. In many homes, bookshelves are often part of a dining room, office, or even a bedroom. We came across a great roundup of book storage ideas from the Domino archives on Automatism. More pictures after the jump...

For the full round up check out the Automatism blog. In our home we built a custom bookshelf that takes advantage of the high ceilings and the vertical space to accommodate all the books. Storing books in a non-working fireplace or in the rafters of your ceiling are other great options. We also like the idea of floating bookshelves. They don't feel as heavy and overwhelming, especially when they fill the entire wall. Where do you store your books? Let us know in the comments below.

(Images: Automatism)