(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Whether you've got a monster mansion or just a small place with thick walls, you might see that your WiFi signal starts dropping off when you're farthest away from your router. The WiFi signal is powerful stuff, sure, but every wall and obstacle it hits gives it a bit of interference—meaning you, trying to stream Netflix on your laptop from your bedroom, might not have the strongest signal. Good news, though: There's an easy (and super cheap!) way to give your WiFi a sizeable boost: Grab your printer and a roll of aluminum foil.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Need a little extra power from your wireless router? Just turn to that wonder of mathematics and physics: The parabola.

The same shape that gives headlight reflectors their magic can boost your WiFi signal just enough to get great coverage across a big house or through dense walls.

But don't worry—you won't have to do any kind of calculations for this project. FreeAntennas.com has prepared a printable template to create a reflector the perfect size and shape for your router's antennas.

Just print this PDF onto cardstock, cut it out and assemble it according to the directions on the paper, making sure you glue a bit of aluminum foil to the back of the reflector piece.

It's a bit unslightly, sure. But so is your router. With this boost, you can hide them both away in the far recesses of a cabinet in your office.

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