Bottles of Hope by Peter Sid

Bottles of Hope by Peter Sid

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 28, 2010

Design: Bottles of Hope
Materials: LEDs, medical vials, electrical wire, aluminum
Designer: Peter Sid
Location: Santa Monica, California
Price Point: $2500 — A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. (I work with and

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"I was inspired by the idea of using ordinary objects to make something beautiful and functional. I was driven by the idea of using design to take something most people would consider ugly, and change it into something stunning."

"The choice to use Leds was easy. They are small, energy efficient and inexpensive. Plus they have an amazing soft glow to them. There are 108 vials and led lights all individually wired."


I work in community metal and wood shops here in LA.
I also work from home whenever possible, but don't have a studio or garage!

I also made my walnut dining table and benches and it doubles as (the worlds most beautiful) work bench.


George Nakashima. He is the grandmaster of woodworking. Nakashima created a style that is copied years later. His work is timeless, natural and unique.


Hans Wegner 3 legged shell chair. This design is compl