(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

How perfect would this button stool be in a sewing room? The cute, unconventional style looks like it would fit in just about anywhere, from a nursery to a living room. And the big, squishy seat looks pretty comfortable, too. 

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The Bottone by Davide Bonnani of BOZU and Michael Breschi of Gentle Giants Studio is completely handmade from natural oak and has a padded, faux-leather seat. It also looks exactly like a big, cushy button. 

“Simple in shapes and in assembly, this stool is made of natural oak while the seat is fully padded and hand-stitched with soft faux leather,” the Bozu website explains. “Thanks to its design, color range and to the choice of high quality materials, this stool fits into any environment, from the most elegant to the unconventional one, creating an unique mix between contrast and harmony.”

They also look like mushrooms, and I am tempted to set them up around a garden and play Alice in Wonderland for a few hours. 

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(Images: Bozu)