Hella Jongerius' Bovist Stool for Vitra

Hella Jongerius' Bovist Stool for Vitra

Feb 16, 2007

The intricately-embroidered Bovist poufs from designer Hella Jongerius are works of art for the feet-- or the seat, with $690 price tags to match.

The construction is part of the story: Bovist means "puffball" in German, and the pouf approximates a puffball's shape with the help of many side darts and a firm but cushy filling of polypropylene balls and granulate. A tab handle makes it easy to carry the pouf around and reinvent however needed: stool, ottoman, floor cushion.

The design is the rest of the story: the detailed embroidery is achieved using computer-controlled machines that can work an array of stitches and different threads.

And Bovist comes in three lovely, quirky designs: Lacemaker, featuring a girl from a Vermeer van Delft painting; Pottery, an arrangement of vessels and hearts; and Doves, which pairs birds of peace with a spray of apostrophes.

Available here.

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