Brad Gillette's Isolation Chamber Basement Home Office

Brad Gillette's Isolation Chamber Basement Home Office

Range Govindan
Sep 15, 2011

When you need to get stuff done, it helps immensely when you don't have any distractions. While most people would like to have windows near their workstations, this basement home office is called the Isolation Chamber, and it allows its owner, Brad Gillette, to work his days away editing photos.

Professional photographer Brad Gillette believes in redundancy, as should anyone in this day and age. Since most of his photos are digital, he needs to archive them and ensure that in case a hard drive fails, his photos remain secure. This is why he setup an archiving station that's connected to his iMac. The iMac then shares the external hard drives over the wireless network.

There are 4 hard drives. A small LaCie D2 Quadra with a 1TB hard drive, and three LaCie 2Big Quadras with dual 2TB disks in each. Two of these are setup as RAID-1 storage (effectively 2TB each), while the last one is setup as just one big drive (4TB). The two RAID volumes are used for current projects, while the other ones are used as archives.

He's got a MacBook Pro 17 that's hooked up to a Wacom Cintiq 12WX. There's a Griffin Powermate there too, to control his media playback. His MacBook Air 11 serves as a travel companion, when the bigger one isn't needed. The Audioengine A2 speakers allow him to listen to his music while working.

His shelf on the far right is an IKEA Enetri. The unusual speakers are The Drop from Scandyna. He's got three IKEA desks placed side-by-side to serve as his tabletop. A few different chairs, including an Eames Aluminum Group Chair, allow him to move about his office. The whole office is tastefully decorated and makes the hours pass quickly while concentrating at the task at hand.

- MacBook Pro 17
- iPad 3G 32GB
- iMac 24"
- iMac G4 17
- Macbook Air 11
- Audioengine A2 speakers
- Wacom Cintiq 12WX
- Griffin Powermate
- 3× LaCie 2Big Quadra
- LaCie D2 Quadra
- Scandyna The Drop Speakers

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(Images with permission: Flickr member Brad Gillettte)

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