Bram's Rainbow of Retro Radios

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Name: Bram D.
Location: Wageningen, Netherlands
Collection: Vintage radios

Over a year ago we spotlighted Bram's colorful living room for an IKEA living room hack, a room that mixed new and old in pop art fashion. We're back to spotlight a major component of his home's charm, his collection of vintage radios and other electronics strewn throughout his home. Bram was kind enough to let us showcase his Skittles-hued collection so we can all tune into his eye for yesteryear's tech...

"Another great design. A shiny orange National Panasonic RF-93, aka "The Rolling Tone", complete with chain, antenna and the small stand to prevent the Tone from Rolling.

In the back two Grundig 'HI-FI' Kugelstrahler 300's. Not as hip as the Audiorama 4000 of course, but I like them. Unfortunately, I can't manage to open them, so I can't replace the cut-off cables. I never tried what they sound like; they are only mid- and high-tones and need to be used with a bass box. The shop price in 1972 was 120DM (deutsch mark) pp. (for comparison: the price for an Audiorama 4000 speaker was 800DM at that time). "

"The R-88, 'Panapet Date'; AM radio with a continuous calender on the front. On the side there are two dials: one selects the number of the month (1-12), the other one changes the seven weekdays."

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Our favorite of Bram's collection has to be this Sandhurst toilet roll radio!

Thanks for sharing your collection, Bram! And if you've got a home tech collection you'd like to share, please contact us via the form below.

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