Anne Reagan
Dec 3, 2009

The humble breadbox (or bread bin for you Anglophiles) usually sits there, performing its duty with little regard or thought. A good breadbox will keep pests away and keep your counters tidy. This time of year you may find it useful to store extra cookies and baked goods.

As common as the breadbox is, controversy arises over the proper way to store bread. Store bought bread usually contains preservatives and can store well in a bread bin. Fresh loaves usually fair better in an unglazed terracotta crock, as terracotta stores humidity and releases it slowly. When wrapped properly your freezer is another good spot to store extra loaves.

Top row, left to right:

1. Bulthaup Bread Container: see website for details

2. Bread Box by Joseph Joseph: $69.95 at Amazon

3. Gnam Bread Bin by Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi: $65.00 at Unica Home

4. Side by Side Breadbox: $240.00 at Design Within Reach

5. Jacter Bread Box by Blomus: $150.00 at Unica Home

Bottom row, left to right:

6. Steel Breadbox: $19.99 at Target

7. Retro Bread Bin: $39.95 at

8. Wade Ceramics Ovation Bread Bin: $60.00 at

9. Summergirl Breadbox in Cinnamon: $45.00 at summergirlshop (Etsy)

10. Tall Bread with Shelf: $64.99 at zamot0 (Etsy)

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