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Big news out of the UK: A team of boffins (that's not an insult, it means scientists) at Manchester Metropolitan University have not only identified the (apparently widespread) problem of dropped toast, but come up with a design-related solution. It's more than your imagination, it's science that 81% of the time falling toast lands buttered-side down. So what's the big secret and just what can you do to keep your carpet butter-free?

Your table is too low! Most tables average about 30'' which means that your toppling toast only has time to rotate half way around before it hits the floor. Barring minor variations due to air pockets in the bread and the fact that spreading one side with butter alters the amount of drag as it falls, in this case, Murphy's law is a proven fact.

The solution? A taller table. Much taller. In fact, the team recommends a table at least 8' high so the toast has time to complete a full 360 degree rotation. "Failing that," says Food Science specialist, Professor Chris Smith, "try not to drop the toast."

Don't feel like dining near the ceiling? Try serving your toast buttered-side down.

Via: The Daily Mail

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