(Image credit: The New York Times)

If you were anywhere near the path of Winter storm Hercules these past few days, then you're no doubt currently admiring the beautiful, deep, white snow drifts it left behind. Until it's time to shovel, that is. But lucky for NYC, on his third day in office, mayor Bill de Blasio gave us all a lesson in proper shoveling technique.

Even if we follow his advice to "lift with your knees," most of us still dread this particular chilly winter chore. But since misery loves company, it makes us feel much warmer to know that our new mayor is getting his hands dirty just like everyone else in Brooklyn this morning, even if his efforts are getting slightly more coverage than those of his Park Slope neighbors. One thing's for sure: if all snow-related labor got this much media attention, there'd be many more spotless sidewalks today.

Via: The New York Times