Focusing On Reuse: Cameras Reborn as Lamps

What happens when old cameras stop functioning, too costly and difficult to repair back to good use? They're usually thrown out or donated. But even if a gorgeous vintage piece of equipment stops functioning as a camera, it can be refitted to hold a light bulb and turned into a unique conversation piece...

Y Studio remakes old things new again for the sake of art. In this case, two mid-century camera models are reborn as table lamps. A Kiev rangefinder camera (probably from the 1970's) and a vintage Agfa Ansco camera (from around the 1940's) are attached to booms and fitted with bulbs, creating one-of-a-kind lighting pieces giving the cameras another lease on life.

If these pieces or the ones below inspire any DIY'ers to try a conversion project, vintage cameras like these can be bought from eBay or Etsy for around $60 right now. Then, follow along with this Apartment Therapy tutorial to wire up the camera through an old lamp stand or DIY pipe rig.

More info and images: Y Studio

Here's another reclaimed camera turned lamp, this one by HGTV Star, Cris Mercado, made from an old film camera, a wooden tripod, a light kit and illuminated with an Edison bulb.

Another beautiful camera conversion, this one done by Etsy seller, Retrobender.

(Images: Y Studio; HGTV; Retrobender)