Brighten and Clean Your Rugs with
One Natural Ingredient

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It's inevitable that the rugs in your home will fade with time and wear. Maybe you're going for that look, but if you're not or need to bring a little life back into a thrift store or garage sale find, all you need is a trip to the grocery store.

Over at the weblog DIY Life, they share a quick and easy process of combining equal parts hot water and equal parts salt to apply to your rug with a damp cloth. Although you don't need an ocean of the mixture applied (it will leave salt deposits that you'll need to re-rinse out later), you'll want to use enough that it will transfer from the rag or sponge to your rug.

Why salt? It helps brighten the colors and the hot water helps to keep it that way. We suggest you give this trick a spot test to ensure that your particular rug can take the hot water, though most all rugs are able to hold up to this type of method. If you're worried, try using a dry towel placed over the areas to help blot any excess moisture back up. Just walk on it and the hard part will be done for you.

If your rug needs a bit more help, consider mixing salt with borax and white vinegar for a green deep rug cleaning.

And bonus! Salt can help prevent color fading from age or sun, and can be used for many textiles in your home like pillowcases, drapery panels or throw rugs.

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Re-edited from a post originally published on 7.28.10 - AB

(Image credits: Lauren Naimola)