One Simple Idea: Bring the Outdoors Inside with a Grass-Green Rug

One Simple Idea: Bring the Outdoors Inside with a Grass-Green Rug

Adding a carpet is a quick way to update the look of a room with color, pattern or texture. With so many options available at a variety of price points, the possibilities are nearly endless. But among all those options, I don't believe I have ever considered a bright hue of spring green. While I love the green that houseplants bring to a room, a green carpet always carried with it connotations of off colored shag rug and wall to wall 1970s carpeting.

It wasn't until I came across a sleek, well proportioned version that my mind became open to the possibility that a green carpet, done right, can actually make a room feel brighter and add a natural type of beauty to a space.

In this example from the Swedish publication Hus & Hem ("House & Home" in English), a family added a green throw rug to an otherwise white room in their summer home to bring out the main source of decoration: plants and flowers.

Touches like this green carpet remind me that (almost) nothing is totally out of date. If done with a careful eye to style, nearly anything can look good in the right context, opening up a world of possibility.

See more of the home at Hus & Hem.

(Images: Hus & Hem)

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