Bring a Little Bling to Your Coffee Table

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Most of the time, we suggest being thrifty and editing down your space and budget into a home that's just right for you. But other times, a little splurging is in order. What's been your biggest tech investment? If you're a fan of gold—not like the color, more like the "gold" brick USB hub and gold-plated MacBook Air—then this (really crazy expensive) remote control from Bang & Olufsen should be on your wish list.

UK company GoldStriker has made 200 of these gold-plated Bang & Olufsen Beo 4 Remote Controls, retailing at around $1,000 each.

It's certainly pretty to look at if you've got some (a lot) of cash burning a hole in your pocket, but otherwise, the price tag is steep. What's the biggest technology investment you've made in your home?

[ via UberReview ]

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