You've probably come across companies that turn kids' drawings into stuffed toys or other products. They look fantastic and clearly they are professionals. Here are a few of my favorites including a few you can do yourself at home. 

1. Duvet Cover Tutorial from A Thousand Words. Jen spent a long time sketching out her kid's drawings onto his duvet cover. A lot of energy and time but worth the investment. 

2. DIY Stuffed Toy from a drawing on What I Made Today. Rachel shows you how to do this on our own in a two-part tutorial. It's involved but gratifying.

3. Pillow Tutorial using Fabric Crayons from Skip to my Lou. This one is a little easier.

4. Crayon Creatures is a website that turns your child's drawing into a sandstone sculpture. I'll bet you wouldn't otherwise find "hamster in a speedboat" (pictured above, #4) on store shelves.

5. Kidz Can Design provides a service that turns kids' art into jewelry. A nice gift for a mother! 

There are also many websites all over the world that provide a drawing-to-stuffed toy service. The principle seems fun and it makes for a nice memento.

(Images: as linked above)