Desktop Backgrounds that Bring the Outdoors In

Weaver House for DesignLoveFest

Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of default desktop backgrounds are of nature? With more of us working indoors, maybe it's no surprise. These new free desktop backgrounds by Weaver House for DesignLoveFest are a nice alternative to the standard nature shot.

You can download the first set of designs here and the second set here.

If you don't have a window in your high-rise cubicle, I recommend the nightlife background from the second set, which captures the idea of a skyline in a new way.

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So why nature wallpapers in the first place? Ben Williams, a UK based corporate psychologist theorized in the early 2000s that your desktop wallpaper was a look into your personality and priorities, because we use our computer to carve out a space for ourselves in our work environments.

"It says this is my territory; look how exciting or dramatic it is," he said.

My current desktop background is a series of geometrics squares — which doesn't bode well for my personality assessment. I won't promise that changing your background to one of DesignLoveFest's current offerings will scream: "I'm a nature nut!" — but they're gorgeous and worth a look.

(Images: DesignLoveFest)

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