Bringing Digital Photos to Life:
New Ideas & Old Favorites

Bringing Digital Photos to Life:
New Ideas & Old Favorites

Julienne Lin
Aug 30, 2012

It's no secret that we love all the creative ways we can turn our Facebook photos or Instagram photos into Polaroids, photo books and art to decorate our home offices with. We just discovered two new methods on how to bring our digital photos to life and also want to share two of our favorite tried and true methods.

New Methods

Instacube: The first is a Kickstarter project (it always seem to be that way nowadays, doesn't it?) Instacube is basically a digital photo frame that is powered by an Android OS and connected to your device through WiFi. Your photos and feed are pushed to Instacube in realtime so you can view photos on a device that's 3x bigger than your smartphone screen. You can toggle between your Instagram feed and like photos straight from the tactile buttons on the Instacube.

SocialPics: Another new tool to bring your digital photos to life is focused on your Facebook timeline. SocialPics is an app created by Snapfish that connects to your Facebook timeline and pulls your most popular photos, comments and status updates to make a 20-page book. You can, of course, narrow down the period of time that SocialPics pulls from and edit the content as much as you want. You can connect your Facebook profile to SocialPics and see what kind of book it creates.

Old Favorite Methods
CanvasPop: CanvasPop lets you print your Instagram photos onto a canvas to hang on the wall. You can make one or several in a couple simple steps. You basically connect your Instagram account on the CanvasPop website and select the phone or a number of photos that you want to make into works of art. There are different pricing options based on the type of frame you want and what size you want the canvas to be.

Printstagram: Prinstagram is also an old favorite of mine. This service lets you print out your Instagram photos in a variety of ways including on T-shirts, stickers, prints and my personal favorite - a Minibook that contains 50 photos.

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