Bring Your Workspace to Life: Air Plants from toHOLD

What I'm loving about air plants from toHOLD: they aren't just green or just a plant. They are stylized décor that can add a little color and life to any space! From yellow sand to ceramic shells, toHOLD presents her air plants in a fresh new way that will spruce up any workspace, kitchen sink or side table. Read on for details and pricing.

Air Plants from toHOLD, images above, details below:

1 Spring Series // Colorful Air Plant Cocktail, $26
2 Pod of Plants // Natural Air Plants and River Stone, $19
3 Green Glass Air Plant Vase // Airplant in Small Blown Glass, $22.50
4 Nested Xero // Air Plant in Glass Pedestal Vase, $50
5 White Shell and Air Plant, $26

(Images: toHOLD)