Bringing the Outdoors to Your Desktop: Free Outdoor Themed Wallpapers

The vast majority of our day is spent staring at a computer screen and, although there is a window next to the computer, the slightly sad rooftop / neighboring building vista is less than inspiring. Also, most of New England has been under water for going on two solid weeks and we're in need of some brighter, happier glimpses of nature. We're big fans of desktop wallpaper because whether rotating or static, downloaded or homemade, its important to remember that this big box of pixels is capable of providing a pleasant background for your eyes while you work...

This is just a small collection of free, nature-themed wallpapers from Veer, Smashing Mag, and If you're not a fan of the digitized backdrop, look through your photo library and put a nice picture of your own favorite outdoors on your desktop and bring in the outdoors however you can!

Originally posted by Wes & Kayla Schwartz/Apartment Therapy Boston