Bronze Art Objects by Manuel Ferreiro

New York International Gift Fair

Cast from reclaimed metals, Manuel Ferreiro's Bronze Art Objects are beautiful and unique treasures worthy of seeking out. Not sold online, Ferreiro's retailers are spread across the country: Gump's in San Francisco; Accessory Preview in Los Angeles; Material Possessions in Chicago; Nantucket Looms in Nantucket; Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. Inspired by everyday life and music, Ferreiro transforms mundane objects—from those seen above to wire hangers, buttons and paperclips—into collectible pieces, animated with personality and movement.

Bronze Art Objects by Manuel Ferreiro, images above, details below.

1 El Poeta (The Poet), $340
2 Cackle-Cackle, $386
3 Intimidades (Intimacies), $483
4 La Pausa (The Pause), $296
5 Queso con uvas (Cheese with grapes), $358

(Images: Manuel Ferreiro)

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