Brooke Astor's Apartment Fire Sale

Brooke Astor's Apartment Fire Sale

Amy Azzarito
Mar 19, 2009

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Luxury apartments are not immune to real estate woes — the sixteen-room apartment of New York City philanthropist Brooke Astor has had a major price reduction. The apartment occupies two floors of 778 Park Avenue and includes six terraces, five fireplaces, an additional apartment for guests, a library, and views of Central Park and Park Avenue. Originally listed last spring for $46 million, the apartment had a price reduction in November to $34 million. Recently, the price has now been chopped again to $29 million. Of course, it's not like even a 37% reduction puts it in our price range, but we still found it fun to check out the style of old New York...

The interiors had been decorated by Sister Parish and Albert Hadley in the late 1960s. Hadley had updated the library in the late 1970s. (photos 2 and 3 are from the Hadley archives). Our favorite room is the bright green dining room with its rosewood dining table and Louis XIV-style chairs.

From New York Magazine: "When her mother died—her mother lived in the apartment below—Brooke broke through her apartment in the sitting room, put in a beautiful curved staircase, and took over the downstairs. Sis and I went there, and Sis said to Brooke, 'What are you going to do in this room?' She said, 'Oh, this is where I am going to give Vincent's money away!'"

Via: The Huffington Post.

(Images: 1: The Huffington Post, 2,3 : William P. Steele from Albert Hadley's archives via NY Magazine, 4: The Huffington Post, 5: floorplan from Stribling.)

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