Vertical Gardening Taken To New Heights: Brownstone Container Beans

Outdoor space is so precious in New York City that it's not uncommon to see front yard gardening. But this is a first for me - it looks like some neighbors on my block are attempting some extreme vertical container gardening. How high do you think these beans will go?

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This is a four-story (plus garden level) brownstone and, as you can see, the beans are just getting started. The twine extends all the way to the roof, which seems ambitious, but let's see how high they get! I'll update you again in a month or so.

Edited: A few readers have wondered in the comments if these are indeed beans so I thought I should add that I am not 100% sure they are beans - that is my best guess from my vantage point. If I see anyone hanging around I'll go over and ask. No matter what they're growing, I'm looking forward to seeing how high they go. Stay tuned!

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(Images: Carrie McBride)

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