Bruce & Melanie's Steampunk Home Office

Unplggd is no stranger to all things Steampunk. It's an interesting variety of tech and design that plenty can appreciate. It's only on a rare occasion that we're given the opportunity to appreciate it on such a large scale. Today that large scale is Bruce and Melanie's Steampunk Home Office.

The couple live in Sharon, Massachusetts in an old victorian home — the perfect home for such a large steampunk hack. It's 4 bedrooms and 5,000 square feet which allows for plenty of home modifications on such extravagant levels.

We love that they seem to have tech in each and every room. There's a hacked computer with a skull biting a bullet behind it, then there's an iPad with a keyboard attachment, and upstairs we find the mecca. This holy grail of steampunk computers is a serious beauty. Sure, it's not for everyone — but even if you wouldn't want it in your own home it's hard not to appreciate it.

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Images: Sarah Rainwater