Budget Living Decor Idea: 10 DIY Painted Curtain Projects

Everyone knows that a powerfully patterned set of curtains wows a window and does wonders for an entire room. But what if you don't have the budget for pricey patterned curtains (or fabric) to buy? Why, paint your own curtains to add personality and style to your space, of course!

Pictured above: Black and white polka dots make plain white curtains much more interesting. Seen on Hello Lidy.

Hand-painted curtains like these feature a soft and subtle pattern. Spotted on Smile and Wave.

Why not say what you mean on some curtains to spice things up? Love these seen on Life of Bliss.

Native pattern-inspired curtains are within your hand-painted reach with this tutorial on Love Creative.

Bold stripes make these curtains really stand out. Spotted on Suburbs Mama.

A large-scale chevron pattern hand-painted on these curtains go beyond the trend. Spotted on Cup Half Full.

Also spotted on Cup Half Full is this more organic-lined pattern hand painted set of curtains.

Thick metallic gold stripes make these curtains bold! Seen on Squirrelly Minds.

Why not turn plain curtains into something special with a hand-painted ombre pattern (seen here in chevron, but you could do anything you wanted). Nancy's DIY Hand Painted Ombre Chevron Curtains.

Jason Loper came up with this cute and crafty stamped pattern for fabric that would make great curtains. How To Print DIY Patterned Fabric.

Want more budget ideas for covering your windows?

(Image credits: Hello Lidy; Smile and Wave; Life of Bliss; Love Creative; Suburbs Mama; Cup Half Full; Cup Half Full; Squirrelly Minds; Owen's Olivia; Jason Loper)