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Q: I am a student, in my second year of university, and recently just got my first apartment, with a friend. This medium parquet-style flooring runs throughout the apartment (besides the kitchen and washroom) and I was wondering if anyone has any super cost-effective solutions for dealing with it?

I only have the funds to deal with the flooring in my room at the moment. I am on a really tight budget. I'm not sure of the exact dimensions of the room, I'm out of town for the summer, but it is roughly 12' x 10' [see rough floor-plan]. Solutions could be an affordable large area rug, laminate or whatever.

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I also have to deal with the really ugly wall color — and the sorta broken closet doors. I was thinking just replacing them with a rod and curtain?

Also, I was thinking of doing an all-white theme in my room, with nice pops of color, but I am not sure how that would work with such an ugly/dark floor.

Also, just a note, the furniture in the pictures is all the previous tenant's.

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