Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo… and Bison, Too

Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo… and Bison, Too

Tess Wilson
Jul 12, 2011

Did you know that that "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." is a grammatically complete sentence? For real. Also, buffalo are really cute and there should be more cute things made in their image. Here are a few of my favorites…

• The juxtaposition of bison and fabulous wallpaper is, of course, the work of Catherine Ledner. It's as if a majestic bison just wandered into a sweet country kitchen! Prints can be yours for between $250-$1700(!).
• I first fell for Banquet's "Forest Flora & Fauna" screenprint , and I'm so excited about everything they come up with. Their little "big blue buffalo" card is just the thing to send the buffalo-fan in your life. Don't we all have one?
• One of the dogs I dog-sit has a stuffed buffalo toy (though not exactly this one), and seriously- it's the cutest thing ever. I smile every time I see it on the floor, or on the dog bed. A buffalo! I highly recommend one.
• Does anyone know anything about the beautiful buffalo/bison (I'm not sure which) mural on Valencia between 18th & 19th? I think it's wonderful (and I don't think the text was part of the original design- does anyone know?). Art featuring buffalo can often be so, so Southwestern, and while that has its place, of course, I like the more abstracted quality of this, and especially all the grey.
Regina Yunghans of Apartment Therapy spotted this light fixture at a Montreal restaurant, and I think it is my favorite of the bunch. The white paint, clean style, lovely light shade, and soft light all come together in such a wonderfully modern way- it's the new buffalo.

Images: Bison & Wallpaper by Catherine Ledner, Buffalo Card by Banquet, Stuffed Buffalo from Indian Village Mall, Mural by Tess Wilson, Light Fixture from Apartment Therapy

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