Build A Fort From Fencing Panels

Build A Fort From Fencing Panels

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 19, 2011

091911-fort.jpg The idea of a treehouse is a good one, but sometimes you don't have trees in your yard. Instead, try making this simple fort from fencing panels, heck you don't even really need a yard!

Over at This Old House there's a fun idea to build a fort from simple fencing panels. It allows for easy assembly and there are only a few cuts to the whole project (that the hardware store could make for you). Just a few screws and you're in business.

If you don't have a yard, it could easily be set up inside with hinges instead with a few safety measures to help keep things upright. It could be flattened and slid under a bed or placed at the back of a closet to keep it out of the way.

Check out all the project details over at This Old House to make your own or hint at the Grandparents that it would make a good Christmas present!

(Image: Wendell T. Webber/This Old House)

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