Build A LEGO Table

Build A LEGO Table

Richard Popovic
Feb 16, 2012

A dedicated space for kids to play with LEGOS is the equivalent of an enthusiastic home chef having a marble countertop set at the perfect height for rolling dough. Sure, you don't really need it, but it would be kinda nice, wouldn't it? Here is a homemade LEGO table that will not only keep the pieces off of the floor but will keep the kids entertained for hours.

When Holly and her husband went to buy a LEGO table for their older boys, all they could find were ones aimed at toddlers. After some research they decided to build their own, and that modifying an Ikea table was the best way to do it (isn't it always?). By using the legs from one table and the top from another and then applying some carefully cut-to-fit LEGO baseplates, they managed to create the perfect platform for Legomaniacs.

A big green border with a street layout in the center should provide many an afternoon of creative play. But just in case a road layout isn't exactly what is called for on a given day, the center pieces are removable. Nice touch, Holly.

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(Images: Holly/Quirky Momma)

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