How To Build a Modern Swing Set


Kids are more interested in play than good design principles, so companies who make things for kids aren't always concerned about how good their products look to parents with more mature tastes. That leaves stylish parents with two options: makeover your kids' gear or make it yourself.

The makeover route works great for a lot of folks, like the parents who painted a girly Little Tykes playhouse with a more mature color scheme. But for those who would rather have something custom in their back yard, check this out:

HGTV's Brian Patrick Flynn shared a tutorial for making this modern A-frame swingset on HGTV's website. There are plenty of photos and detailed instructions to make this an easy project for anyone with access to tools (or who know where to rent them).

Painted in blazing cobalt blue, this handmade backyard swing set is a huge improvement over the look of a basic metal set, plus it's bound to last longer and be a treasure for the family for many years to come.

(Image credits: HGTV)