Build an Igloo Out of Milk Jugs

Well, if this igloo doesn't beat them all. Build an adorable, functional, and very "green" space for the kids by recycling milk jugs. If you start saving now, you could have a substantial structure by next winter!

Flickr user Tombritt took this photo in a teacher's classroom in 2007, and we can't believe this idea didn't take off back then. While we've seen several mentioned as projects for elementary school classrooms, it seems like a great project for the backyard, too. In the process of gathering supplies, kids can learn about planning a project and exercising patience to see it through.

What do you think? Would you DIY an igloo to recycle milk jugs?

(Image: Flickr user Tombritt; used with permission)

Recycled Milk Jugs
Milk Jug as Kid-Friendly Planter Project
Look! Got Shelter?

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