Storage-Ready Washer & Dryer Lifts from IKEA Parts

We love the look of those pre-fab drawer units built to sit under washers and dryers. They take advantage of unused space, giving you storage and making laundry day easier on your back by bringing appliances up to your level. But, whoa, folks. They're expensive. Especially when you can craft your own with IKEA cabinet pieces. In fact, this whole laundry nook is packed with IKEA-hacked storage and cord control.

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Using pieces from IKEA's AKURUM cabinet line, Hunter from Recneck Modern built a custom-designed storage lift for this laundry nook.

Two drawer units (with drawer fronts as spacers) make up the seamless bottom piece. Combined with a counter top and wall-mounted cabinets (from IKEA's AKURUM and RUBRIK lines), this appliance nook is packed with storage and usable space—a huge improvement from a "pretty barren" area.

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And they even swiss-cheesed the whole thing up, providing little holes to navigate cords from point A to point B without making a (visibly) tangled mess.

Check out more of this laundry room project over at Redneck Modern.

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Redneck Modern via IKEA Hackers

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