A Green Office Grows in Harlem

A Green Office Grows in Harlem

Jun 1, 2007

A green office. That is what the Collective Four, a group of design students from the Pratt Institute, set out to create for Dwell's Building Green project in Harlem. AT: NY gave us a tour of the entire home, but we thought we'd take a look at the design of the home office. Constructed of a multitude of eco-friendly materials, this home office offers a wealth of inspiration for alternative and customized storage solutions.

The owners had two distinct personalities for the designers to contend with, one being a bit whimsical and the other quite practical. The solution was to create an "organized chaos" through interlocking pieces that create a desk and shelves. The result, an attractive, functional space that suits their lifestyle.

To see more photos and learn more about the design, materials, and construction techniques, check out the Collective Four's Blog that documents the entire process from start to finish.

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