Escape into Your Indoor Fort

Today I am having one of those days where I wish I could dismiss the responsibilities of being an adult and just escape into the life of a 10-year-old. A favorite childhood memory is having a slumber party with my friends and building a fort with all the blankets we could find and the only light was that of a flashlight. Who says building forts has to be just a childhood activity? Sometimes we have to remember to relax a bit and have a little fun. Now I am off to see just how many blankets are available to build my own personal retreat.


Images: We Heart It, 16 House, Varpunen

Love Shack: Creating a Blanket Fort for Valentine's Day
Grown-Up Hideouts: A Wild Things Fort-Building Contest!
Nature vs. Nurture: A Critique of Couch Cushion Architecture
WikiHow/How to Make a Blanket Fort
Simple Mom/How to Build A Great Blanket Fort
Mark Allen/Couch Cushion Forts/Blanket Forts

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