Bedroom Trend Alert: Headboards Are So More Than Just Headboards These Days

Bedroom Trend Alert: Headboards Are So More Than Just Headboards These Days

Nancy Mitchell
Sep 26, 2017
(Image credit: Emily Henderson)

You might have thought that, after thousands of years of bedroom design, we'd seen everything, but that's where you'd be wrong. Today's steel bed frames are lighter and nimbler than the wood ones of old, which frees the bed up for a lot of design possibilities. One design possibility that I've recently been alerted to is the 'built-in' headboard, a piece that mounts to the wall and extends far beyond the boundaries of the bed. In doing so it gives the bed a finished, permanent look, but also becomes a feature of the room itself, unifying bed and bedroom together into a single architectural statement.

Below are a few of my favorite examples. These may look imposing, but they're actually quite easy to DIY — essentially just a piece of plywood covered in batting and fabric. The level of commitment is certainly higher than with a traditional, bed-wide headboard — but the upside is that you have a piece that really makes the room. Add a few accessories, a lamp, and a nightstand, and your bedroom design is done.

(Image credit: Emily Henderson)

The channeled headboard in this bedroom from Emily Henderson (also leage image above) makes a really big statement, stretching the entire length of the room — but it's also a DIY you can do at home. Follow the link to get the instructions.

(Image credit: Casa de Valentina)

The wall-length headboard in this bedroom from Casa de Valentina is upholstered in a jaunty stripe that adds a touch of pattern to the space.

(Image credit: Architectural Digest)

In this bedroom from Architectural Digest, the headboard wraps all the way around a small nook, enveloping bed and bedside table alike. It's an architectural feature that adds interest to the space, but also coziness and comfort to the bed.

(Image credit: A Beautiful Mess)

The big, beautiful headboard in this bedroom from A Beautiful Mess was another DIY.