Built-In Bed Storage

Built-In Bed Storage

Carrie McBride
Jun 14, 2010

Q: We're looking at getting our son a twin sized bed once he's out of his crib, and have seen a lot that have drawers below, and most sets come with a bookshelf headboard. My question is, for those who have them, did you find the drawers useful or is it better to get a dresser? What about those bookshelf headboards, have you found them useful or annoying?Is it better to get a bookshelf that can be moved around freely and not provide your child with nighttime distractions above their head? Did your toddler try to climb up on them? I figured I should ask around before investing in a bedroom set for him!

Sent by Jendra

Editor: Do your kids have twin beds with built-in storage? Do they use it? Do they like it? Any regrets?

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