Bumbo Baby Seats

Bumbo Baby Seats

Janel Laban
Dec 8, 2006

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Bumbo Baby Seats are an innovative way to let your baby sit up and interact with you. Appropriate for babies aged 3-14 months, Bumbo Baby Seats can be used as soon as a child's neck can support holding her head up unaided, and provide excellent lumbar support.

Baby chairs and bouncers typically seat babies in a reclining position, leaving them to stare passively up at the ceiling, waiting for someone to lean over their bouncer and entertain them. What makes Bumbos so revolutionary is that they let babies sit upright and engage more readily with the world around them.

Bumbos are my 'go-to' baby shower present – at $39.95, they are very affordable – and they are always a big hit!

Bumbos are latex free, and made of soft, low density foam and non-toxic, environmentally-friendly polyurethane. Because Bumbos are molded in one piece, there are no straps or external fasteners to fuss with – the baby's own body weight allows the Bumbo to gently mold itself around her and hold her in place - and at a weight of 3 pounds Bumbos are very portable, making them a great way to feed your baby while dining out.

Bumbos originated in South Africa, but over the past year have become easier to find in the States, both online and in baby stores, and come in turquoise, lilac, aqua, lime and yellow.

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