Bungalow Office at Crate & Barrel

Bungalow Office at Crate & Barrel

Feb 21, 2008

"East Meets Desk." Crate & Barrel just unveiled a new line of office furniture that combines Prairie School traditions with a little Zen inspiration. Although we think the Pagoda factor is a bit too literal in some pieces, there are other characteristics that we like...

We love the dark tone of the veneer/wood! It appears rich and chocolaty (although we'd have to see it in person to make a final judgment). We're quite fond of the shape of the office chair ($299) but we're curious to know if the unpadded backrest is comfortable.

The most successful pieces in this new Crate & Barrel line are the two bookcases ($399-$599). Despite the dark coloring, they're open and airy. The off-centered dividers open up plenty of options for creating your own special shelf vignettes.

What are your thoughts?