Bunk Beds: Then and Now

Our affinity for bunk beds hasn't faded much since our PJ-wearing, cartoon watching years. There's something particularly fun about the space saving sleeping solution that holds our interest till this day. So it was no surprise we had to stop and admire this staggered teak and burnished iron bunk bed from Sarmo's 1967 catalog of home furnishings. Staggered bunk beds seem to be a rarity these days...a shame, since their horizontal presence is less hefty than the standard vertically stacked versions.

But what about for today? We're partial to the Literal range of wall bunk beds by Lievore-Altherr-Molina. Gas pistons allows for easy and effortless opening and closing of both bunk beds, and close up to a nondescript cabinet when not in use. The cabinet-less form is a bit prison-like in aesthetic, but we'd just dress it up with some enamel paint and warm bedding so we could pretend we're Paris Hilton during her short stint in the pokey.