Burn Note: The Untraceable, Read Once Email

Burn Note: The Untraceable, Read Once Email

Gregory Han
Feb 2, 2012

Ever wanted the email version of the self-destructing mission tapes from Mission Impossible? That's sort of the idea behind Burn Note, an online communication service meant for private encrypted and time sensitive communication. Send our your top secret message and it's immediately erased from being read ever again after received/opened...

All communication on Burn Note can be viewed only once. Burn Notes are destroyed immediately after they have been viewed by the recipient and completely extinguished from the Burn Note servers. Burn Notes are never stored in the recipient's email and once read it is impossible for anyone to retrieve them.

Further information about the privacy and technical operations of Burn Note are available on their site, outlining the "how", "what" "when" and "where" of any note created/read.

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