Burning Question for Parents: Do You Put Yourself in Your Holiday Photo Card?

Every winter, my husband and I ask the same question: "why don't our friends put themselves in their holiday photos?" We get lots of photo cards, and inevitably, at least half of the pictures are of kids only. In some cases, we've never even met the kids; we know the parents from pre-children days, so we want to see them! Yes, your kids are cute, and we're happy to see a photo of them, but we want to see you in the picture, too.

Recently, the question of mothers documenting themselves in photos has become culturally relevant, with the popularity of Allison Tate's article on The Huffington Post called "The Mom Stays in the Picture." Tate reflects on the fact that women often stay in the background because they are insecure about their motherly bodies. Is this why so many parents send photos of only their children? Does it reflect an insecurity, or is it that parents have become singularly child-centered? Or do people feel they are exhibiting a kind of humility by omitting themselves from the spotlight?

What's your opinion? Do you send a card with kids only, or do you get in the picture? Which kind of family holiday photos do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Keith Pitts Photography, used with permission)

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