Buy or DIY: Decoupaged Eames Chairs

In college, back in the dark days before I had even heard of Apartment Therapy (come to think of it, probably before Apartment Therapy even existed, if you can even imagine such a thing) I had an obsession with decoupage. You might think, when I say 'obsession', that I am exaggerating, but I'm really not: I covered pretty much anything I could get my hands on with magazine clippings. Some things I made were pretty cool, but I also distinctly remember, at one point, decoupaging a trash can. Like does anyone really need a trash can covered in tiny pictures? It wasn't all great. But you know what is great? These decoupaged Eames chairs. Somehow adding cutouts to these familiar forms refreshes and enlivens them and makes them something delightfully different.

These chairs are the creation of Phillip Estlund, a sculpture and collage artist who stumbled upon the idea sort of by accident. He happened to lay out some botanical cutouts he was using for another project on his Eames fiberglass chair, and was taken with the way the shapes made that familiar design come alive.

You can purchase the chairs from Grey Area — or, if you're feeling crafty, grab a little Mod Podge and make your own. Read more about the collaboration at Sight Unseen.

(Image credits: Sight Unseen)