Buy or DIY: Hay-Inspired Pencil Striped Glassware

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I have a fondness for all things Hay, so I was super excited to see Joyce of My Dubio's take on their Colour wine glass. That pencil-thin stripe is enough to take any old glass and make it sophisticated, modern and more special.

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While Hay went for a grid-like pattern, Joyce kept hers simple and easy. Just a single line from top to bottom on the carafe, and a single ring around the smaller dish. See how she does it over at My Dubio.

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And hey! (or Hay! in this case), there's a gold-lined version for purchase at Dwell as well. Or, you grab a different color porcelain pen for a more glittery look.

(Image credits: Dabney Frake; Hay; My Dubio)

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