Ça Soap

Ça Soap

Mar 13, 2007

Its just soap! It isn't going to change the world, but it might change the way your kids bathe.

Ça Soap looks like a piece of art in the bathroom, an oversized game piece, a soapstone sculpture, a stone paperweight. Its odd shape though, is part of its charm. If you are transitioning from bathing the kids to teaching the kids to bathe themselves, Ça can help - its ergonomic shape makes it easier for kids to grasp and hold on to than your usual bar soap.

Made by C.Quoi in Paris, Ça is eco-friendly, made only of natural ingredients like olive oil and laurel, and it smells like a cross between a late summer herb garden and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. No artificial colour or fragrance make it great for delicate skin, although at $18.00 a bar, you may be tempted to keep the Ça soap for yourself! Who couldn't use an ergonomic soap?

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