I’ve lived in major cities for the past 18 years, but lately I’ve been craving a cabin in nearby Sonoma, where I fantasize I would paint and sew. This place, featured on Refinery29 this week, inspired me to look at our house tours with that modern mountain vibe.

Take a look and pick up tips for bringing the great outdoors in: barn doors, sheepskin and cowhide rugs, Pendleton blankets, envy-inducing porches, and even taxidermy.

What do you think? Like a little bit country or prefer modern all the way?

  1. Glenn and Paula’s New Life Farmhouse
  2. Christopher & Merete’s Truly Tiny Home on the Range
  3. Mark Macek’s Modern, Warm, & Woodsy
  4. Raina & Robert’s Modern Farmhouse Makeover
  5. Chris & Roger’s DIY + Modern Farmhouse

(Images: as linked above)