Cable Fish Cable Winder

Cable Fish Cable Winder

Apr 19, 2006

The Cable Fish cable winder is like Alessi for nerds. The Italian product design house's knack for putting amusement back into everyday functional objects sold thousands of anthropomorphisized bathtub plugs to people aready in possession of the garden variety version.

Product design in the world of consumer tech, with a few notable exceptions, is pretty devoid of that kind of joie de vivre, but some of the Alessi sensisbility seems to have rubbed off on the designer of this clever little cable manager. To use, thread your slack cable (up to 32 inches) through one of the holes, wind the excess around the fish body, and thread it out again through the other end. Cable Fish comes in several colors, so you can color-code by function (for example, red for computer, black for DVD player, etc.,)

Sure, you can improvise with wire twisties and spools of various kinds, or for $3.95 you can smile every time you have to adjust your cables.

Available here, in red, brown, white, gray and black.

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