Cable "Gutter" From a $4.99 Ikea Hanger Rack

Moving affords you the opportunity to re-purpose your old stuff (When I downsized to a smaller workspace, my Ikea Mikael desk was cut down to become a coffee table). If you're moving to a warm climate and happen to have any Ikea Antonius coat-hanging racks lying around, here's an idea...

This user at shows us how they took an Ikea Antonius 6-hook hanger and turned it into an under-desk mounted cord-wrangling gutter (It's the next best thing to using a real rain gutter, you know!).

All you need to do is mount an Ikea Antonius hanger rack to the underside of the desk using long enough wood screws.

After that, all your cords and power strips can rest comfortably inside the cradle you've created. Use more than one of these 20 1/2-inch long racks if your desk space needs it!

Via Lifehacker

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