Cable Lets You Watch your iPod on TV

Cable Lets You Watch your iPod on TV

Sonia Zjawinski
Feb 12, 2009

We download a lot of our TV content (both legally and well, maybe not so legally) and then either upload it onto our iPods so we can laugh out loud while screaming inside on the elliptical at the gym or plug in our laptop into our TV to watch on a bigger screen. While we love basically turning our laptop into our own personal DVR, sometimes unplugging our monitor, keyboard, and printer from our laptop and then plugging everything into the TV, waiting for the screen to adjust to a new external screen can be a pain. We sometimes wish we could just plug our content filled iPod Touch to our TV and watch that way.

Oh wait, you can!

We just discovered the existence of showTIME. It's basically an RCA cable with an iPod connector on the other end. Just plug in the audio and video inputs into your TV, connect your iPod or iPhone and you're good to go.

We're curious though as to what iPod video compression looks like on a large TV. Does anyone have this?

photo: Scosche

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