Cable Organization Tip: Zip Lock Bags For The Storage Win

Cable Organization Tip: Zip Lock Bags For The Storage Win

Jason Yang
Mar 21, 2011

Most of us keep a heap of extra cables laying around and they're generally a mess to keep organized. When it comes time to finding that one cable you need, it's inevitably buried under a bird's nest of cables and impossible to find - much less extract. Here's a storage tip we use that stays away from annoying zip ties and makes it a cinch to get straight to what we need.

Roll up and put each individual cable in a zip lock bag of its own. Each cable is isolated in a single bag so there are no tangles to deal with or zip ties to constantly tie and untie.

Then store similar zip lock bags in clear plastic shoe boxes with a label on the front. With like cables stored together in each bin, you can instantly hone in on exactly what you're looking for without having to recall exactly where you put each type of cable. For larger cables such as video cables you can use jumbo size bags but they store fine by themselves directly in the bins and aren't as likely to tangle as thinner cables.

A box of 25 zip lock bags cost me about $1 at the nearby dollar store (Dollar Store, Dollar Tree) and the bins were less than $3 each at Home Depot or any organizational store.

*Unplggd previously posted a great roundup with additional great tips for how to keep your tech supplies organized using everyday items.

(Image: Flickr member GKS. licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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