CableCup Organizes Wires Inside Out For Hanging Lighting

CableCup Organizes Wires Inside Out For Hanging Lighting

Gregory Han
Jun 18, 2010

We love ceiling medallions. They're an affordable way to complement overhead hanging lighting, and bring a bit of contrast and visual detail to an area of the home that can often feel neglected (the ceiling). Here's our current Plain Jane living room ceiling, which has a great vintage Danish modern hanging lamp we inherited from the previous tenant (and that we plan to paint). You'll notice it's looking like it need a little love.

Our own living room's pendant lamp needs the aid of a CableCup, pronto!

The CableCup designed by Jonas Forsman was amongst the winners of the Swedish Design Awards, with a simple and ingenious way to hide away all the wiring that comes with housing the electrical hardware of an overhead lamp; the design allows for the wires to be properly routed than the whole cup flips inside out to be mounted onto the overhead housing, perfect for use with a ceiling medallion.

The CableCup can be ordered for international delivery via Scandinavian Design Center for $13.58, so we might be placing an order ourselves...our neglected Bumling lamp needs the help.

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